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Protecting Machinery With IoT by CoRe

02/13/2023—In heavy industries equipment is a bedrock of operations, and a dedicated maintenance plan with personnel is essential to a machine’s lifetime. Poorly maintained machines can lead to greater costs, slower project completion times, machine-related injury, and litigation from accidents. With technology from CoRe Connected Resources, the IoT platform from VOS Systems, maintaining assets and machinery is a streamlined process thanks to BLE-enabled sensors that allow management to track usage, personnel and locations, ensuring machinery is properly operated and always maintained according to schedule and as needed.

Proper machine maintenance can save money and increase productivity. When equipment is unavailable projects suffer. A down event in one unit invariably impacts many associated resources, which causes the cost of downtime to be extremely high, (Vorster, 2005). Unexpected broken machinery can lead to budgetary overages, along with loss of productivity. A routine maintenance system maximizes equipment longevity, improving the return on investment (ROI) of machinery. Proper maintenance instills confidence in investors and employees that machinery is safe, while owners maintain a level of protection should injury occur and litigation follow.

Another important aspect of maintenance is ensuring operators are properly trained on their respective machines. Training for heavy equipment is intensive and essential to protecting your employee and the machine you’ve invested in. With CoRe’s innovative Personal Safety Device wearables (PSDs), admins can track each employee’s training profile, ensuring any machinery they are working with is operated using the safest training practices. Admins have real-time views of operator behaviors and locations, and can mark unauthorized zones to ensure machines are only used in their intended area, tracking machines if they go offsite or even in cases of theft. If inconsistencies or issues are seen in operator behavior, proper training can be provided. Operators can also be confident that while working with dangerous machinery, they are being safely supervised. What you get is increased operator security, compliance to ever-evolving operational guidelines, and optimized usage of machinery. 

CoRe’ management platform takes the job of overseeing employees and machines and consolidates it into one streamlined and reliable dashboard, monitoring machines for usage time, movement, location, and idle time. Checking and decreasing idle time saves on costs, as idle machinery wastes gas and other supply costs, including unnecessary usage and burden on equipment. With BLE-enabled technology, CoRe provides administrators real-time views of machinery and employees currently onsite. Admins are also able to forecast when maintenance checkups will be needed, allowing them to plan for and save on downtime.

With all the benefits of CoRe’s IoT techonology in heavy industries, it’s easy to see why machine maintenance is an essential part of any industry in this field. Contact us today to learn how our technology can help save you time, costs, and future troubles.

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