Changing the Industrial World with 5G-Enabled Solutions

One Platform To Replace Them All

VOS Systems is breaking new ground with revolutionary 5G-enabled solutions to solve industry problems that traditional methods have not been able to solve. We provide efficient, data-driven results that improve people’s lives, maximize ROI, reduce losses and connect you to what’s important.

VOS IoT Connectivity Devices IoT Solutions

VOS Systems builds end-to-end IoT solutions, with hardware and firmware created, tested and manufactured right here in the USA.

IoT Data Digital Twins VOSIQ

We Power Digital Twins

We create sensors that fetch data from complex and uncontrolled environments to bring life to our partners’ digital twins. We believe that the route for growth and prosperity across many industries is through technology innovation, and we are steadfast in leading this space.

The 5G Revolution

Our solutions are built atop of 5G, the game-changing technology for how tomorrow’s industries will operate.

AI-Enabled Industry Solutions

CoRe captures and analyzes data to provide reliable forecasts that increase revenue, safety, and sustainability.

Internet of Things and People

We find ways to innovate so industry players have the cutting-edge technology they need to stay ahead.


Solid data means accurate projections, increased safety and productivity and efficient communications.

CoRe Connected Resources IoT Management

What We Connect

CoRe Connected Resources

Anytime. Anywhere. As it happens.

Connected Resources, or CoRe, is the world’s most scalable 5G-enabled resources management platform that connects everyone and everything in complex environments. CoRe uses real-time analytics to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase jobsite safety.

Proudly Serving Clients Globally

What We Build

Hardware as a Service

Design. Manufacture. Support.

VOS Systems offers services in engineering, manufacturing, and device management. We can build and manage ultra-scalable 5G-enabled solutions in partnership with industry experts worldwide.

VOSIQ IoT Manufacturers