VOS Systems IoT Solutions

Who We Are

VOS Systems is on a mission to improve workplace health, safety, and productivity using cutting edge end-to-end IoT-enabled solutions, which are designed, developed, and supported from the United States to the rest of the world. 

We are dedicated to utilizing real-time big data analytics to drive IoT-enabled solutions, from industrial IoT devices to workplace wearables. Our goal is increasing safety for your business, while protecting privacy and providing the latest in IoT technology.

VOS is committed to the highest level of privacy and data security. Neither our devices nor our platforms require personal phone access, nor do they enable GPS tracking of individuals or access to any social media. It’s our aim to provide you with peace of mind, security, safety and a productive workplace.

Innovative Solutions Reshaping The Way You Do Business

CoRe is a next generation IoT solution that enables real-time visibility to optimize workplace safety and job site productivity. CoRe is a powerful IoT solution that conveys live data from the worksite to the desktop of site managers, without human error or data manipulation. This allows enterprise management real-time insight for projects, providing accurate information using IoT sensors and devices.  

With Scout industrial IoT devices you can track high-value assets, from construction equipment to automobiles and more, with real-time data and easy integration. 

Scout is the first asset tracker to offer both Bluetooth LE and GPS/Cellular in a single, smart & mighty device.

AlertTrace is a sophisticated and affordable digital contact tracing solution that offers a unified approach in ensuring all your bases are covered. AlertTrace IoT wearables have zero tracking or GPS capabilities, user-friendly software, and encrypted and secured anonymous data for maximum privacy protection. AlertTrace assists you in keeping your employees safe and your organization in operation.

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