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Elevate Your Company In 2023 With IoT

1/4/2023—Heavy industries are currently facing hurdles from supply chain disruptions to labor shortages. As businesses strive to overcome these hurdles and streamline practices, new technologies are meeting them to help create a richer future for these industries. With the implementation of advanced IoT technology like CoRe, providing modernized jobsite supervision, greater safety, less waste and more productivity, companies are moving into the future and putting themselves in a competitive position.

Maintain Competitive Market Appeal

The latest IoT from CoRe delivers measurable benefits in heavy industries. As labor and supply shortages endure, IoT provides dependable data and oversight to avoid waste. CoRe’s IoT Personal Safety Device badges (PSDs) provide more accurate forecasts including budget, supply, and labor needs. CoRe also helps prevent loss of supplies and machinery through proper employee training and tracking protocols, which can enhance job site safety and employee skillset. “As companies prepare for accelerating technological trends, using technology to lower costs and increase efficiency will help them remain competitive,” according to a recent report by the National Association for Industrial and Office Parks (NAIOP) Research Foundation.1

Grow & Protect Your Workforce

Labor shortages, most notably seen in construction, have been on a downward trend due to many factors, including fear of illness from COVID, fear of injury, lack of incentivisation, and lack of skillset growth. Every CoRe PSD has an individual employee profile that logs training and certifications to confirm workers are equipped to perform specific tasks, while enhancing their skillset. Through production management, employees may also be incentivized to complete jobs faster, which shows in the data captured by CoRe wearables.

Protect Your Workforce

Safety enhancements provided by IoT are another promising component for employees and management. CoRe provides workers with increased protections via PSDs equipped with everything from panic buttons to fall detection. They also provide real-time views of employee locales, including onsite, remote and underground workers. Injuries can cost both workers and companies, with work injury costs totaling more than $170 billion in 2018.3 With rich data provided by IoT technology, employers can pinpoint problem areas for safety, and equip areas with the needed precautions and proper employee training needed to secure safety.

Optimize Productivity & Forecasting

Productivity has plateaued for decades according to research by McKinsey & Company, which shows that traditional methods have made heavy industries disjointed and siloed.CoRe’s IoT tech is revolutionizing site productivity, capturing essential information such as supplies used, task completion times, machine and worker downtime, and employee safety issues, all of which factor into budget and timeline. Supply monitoring allows admins to identify waste and eliminate it, while ensuring valuable supplies are handled correctly. CoRe PSDs provide visible insight into how long specific tasks take and views where machine and employee downtime are occurring, to increase job productivity and meet deadlines. Utilizing the rich data CoRe assembles, management can provide more precise forecasts and transparency and assurance for shareholders.

The many benefits of IoT in heavy industries are being seen every day. CoRe is excited to offer an easy-to-implement and reliable system for capturing precious data that can save your company both time and money. CoRe can move companies into the future, assuring that workforces are protected and helping to eliminate unnecessary waste on job sites.

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