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CoRe For PPE Compliance

03/21/2023—As companies strive to create safer workspaces for their employees, personal protective equipment (PPE) takes centerstage with items like hardhats, harnesses, vests, gloves, and more. Employees who fail to comply can be liabilities not only to your business, but to the safety of their coworkers as well. Thanks to the availability of new technologies like CoRe’s IoT management platform, 100% PPE compliance on jobsites is possible. Using IoT solutions and wearables to monitor jobsites (including PPE, people, assets and machines), CoRe helps you monitor everything in one place to ensure all employees are working under the safest measures.

With innovative tech like CoRe, information about workers and their environment can be extracted to reduce the rate of accidents and occupational illness, leading to a significant improvement.1 This can be achieved with CoRe’s Personal Safety Device (PSD) wearables and equipment trackers. For example, in a bid to attain 100% compliance of harnesses PSDs can be attached to each harness. If an employee is going to work onsite, they will attach their personal ID to the provided PSD on a harness to show that they are onsite and working safely, streamlining safety and time clock usage as well. 

In heavy industries like renewable energy or oil and gas, jobsites are complex with different areas requiring different PPE and trainings. CoRe’s IoT platform allows admins to create customizable zones with entry alerts to track who enters and exits a specific area, and whether they are using the proper PPE. Employees can also receive alerts when they enter specific zones, reminding them if certain PPE or practices are needed.

CoRe’s PSDs also tracks employee trainings, providing admins the reassurance that employees are operating under the most current safety standards. Tracking safety profiles also allows admins to identify skill gaps or reoccurring issues, like consistent failure to comply to PPE, at which time they can work with the employee accordingly to provide needed training or encourage PPE adherence.

CoRe’s asset trackers can protect your machinery, making them PPE for your most valuable assets. Trackers provide admins a log of machine usage times, allowing them to plan for needed maintenance before accidents happen. Asset trackers also ensure that machine operators are working with any updated safety measures and PPE, protecting both employee and equipment.

With the many benefits of tech like CoRe’s Connected Resources platform, PPE compliance is easier to monitor than ever before. Adding this technology to your jobsite not only increases safety, it helps save on costs caused by accidents, machine downtime and supply waste. CoRe provides unprecedented real-time views of jobsites, giving admins a clear view of site issues, skill gaps, employee safety measures and more. Contact us to learn how CoRe can help make your workforce safer today!


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