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How CoRe Can Elevate Your Company

7/1/2022—In any industrial setting, be it construction, manufacturing, energy, ports, or maintenance, a resource management system provides essential data. Resource management helps reduce costs, improve productivity and increase safety for the workforce. The resource management solution from CoRe enables real-time flow of data from people, equipment, tools and assets, into a 5G-enabled analytics platform. Using these insights, companies can perform audits, record incidents, implement corrective actions, and monitor compliance with safety and regulatory requirements. CoRe gives leadership remote visibility of work sites across the globe, allowing them to make timely, data-driven decisions to benefit their employees and clients.

“As companies prepare for accelerating technological trends, using technology to lower costs and increase efficiency will help them remain competitive.”

Improve Health & Safety

From ensuring employees aren’t overworked to emergency jobsite monitoring, the 5G-wearables from CoRe provide your workforce with tools to stay safe. Utilizing CoRe’s shock detection, SOS button alerts, and emergency evacuation notifications, leadership can ensure teams have the data needed to act quickly and accurately. Attendance tracking at the muster point also allows you to immediately ascertain the status of employees, in the event of an emergency. CoRe’s ability to maintain automated timekeeping and contact tracing data on each employee also helps mitigate COVID-19 and other infectious disease spread. Improving outcomes for both workers and stakeholders, utilizing CoRe data means your team can perform quality work, knowing leadership has their best interest in mind

Reduce Waste & Costs

Manpower and machinery are the largest cost centers in any industrial project, and major drivers for budget overruns. With CoRe, project stakeholders know exactly how much they are spending on each activity in any project, enabling precise identification and elimination of waste. Through reductions in equipment usage and production monitoring for both team and individuals, it’s easy to enable reactive protocols and correct losses. Data provided by CoRe on current projects also helps set the benchmark for future projects. CoRe reduces budget and schedule overruns by improving time and cost estimation, with resource-analytic solutions based on past results and recent performance trends.

Increase Productivity

CoRe guides the way to efficiently accomplishing the mission at hand, providing planning and scheduling tools that easily integrate with your existing project management or ERP software. With visibility on resource allocation and performance, AI-powered decision making optimizes efficiency and facilitates real-time work. The ability to have the right resources available to your team, in the right place at the right time, maximizes productivity and ensures deadlines are met. With reliable data on team performance, rewarding their achievements and identifying skill gaps for training translates into both improved outcomes, along with a well-earned sense of accomplishment in the workforce.

Requiring no infrastructure, this pure plug-and-play solution connects workers and assets seamlessly and safely within a matter of minutes. To learn more about how our cellular-enabled 5G-wearables improve health and safety, while improving efficiency and eliminating waste, contact us today.

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