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Project Management With CoRe

7/19/2022—Project management requires precision. Construction project management entails more serious consideration of safety, labor, and supplies. Improper management can yield serious consequences such as missed deadlines, budget overages, and employee injury. Compound this with recent findings that large projects can take 20 percent longer than planned and go up to 80 percent over budget, according to a report by McKinsey and Company.1 As such, it’s never been timelier to implement new management technologies, like CoRe™ Connected Resources, into your construction project planning. Technology streamlines the management process, giving more accurate, data-driven forecasts produce better-defined budget and timeline goals, enhanced safety, and greater transparency to clients and stakeholders.


On any job site, communication is key to both production and safety. Failure to communicate properly with teams across job sites can lead to wasted time, supplies, and worker injuries. CoRe™ provides real-time views of all job site activity and assets so that managers can provide continuous updates to those working on site, as well as stakeholders and clients. Better communication also means increased productivity, regular feedback to teams in the field, and the ability to manage any productivity hurdles as they happen in real-time.


Budgetary overages can cause delays, dissatisfaction among stakeholders, and in severe cases, project closures. Staying within budget means accurately assessing needed supplies, labor, and time required before starting a project. The CoRe™ platform provides data tracking for everything onsite, including employee work time, supplies used or wasted, productivity enhancements, and asset tracking. With the valuable data collected through CoRe™, project managers can make accurate forecasts of future projects to provide transparency and precision for stakeholders on future endeavors.


On any project, maximizing productivity is key. Production can be affected by wasted hours, injuries, machine and asset breakdowns, improper training, and supply shortages. Thanks to CoRe™, all these issues can be met efficiently. CoRe™ tracks employees onsite and allows managers to locate instances of wasted time and address them immediately. If an employee is on a task that they cannot complete on time, reassignment or proper training can be provided. CoRe’s Personal Safety Devices (PSDs), assigned to each worker, help enhance safety onsite to prevent injury and report injuries that occur quickly. With CoRe’s™ ability to track machine and asset use, managers can avoid machine downtime, enabling workers to provide regular maintenance based on usage data. Supply shortages can be avoided with proper tracking of supplies used and eliminating supply waste by ensuring employees are properly trained to handle them.


One of the most significant benefits of CoRe™ to any project is the increased safety it brings to the workforce. PSD badges assigned to each worker are equipped with SOS-button alerts and fall detection for fast response in cases of injury and alerts when employees are rendered unconscious. Each badge also contains an employee’s specific training and skillset information, allowing managers to ensure a worker is utilized in the safest and most productive ways. Past data collected can also be referenced for future projects to address where safety needs to be enhanced or where employees fall short and need more training.

As technology moves further in the construction industry, innovating how projects are planned and completed, giving your company a competitive edge with the CoRe™ platform is an effective way to stay ahead of the game. Contact our team today to learn how CoRe™ can benefit you!

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