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Safety & Temporary Workers

Safety is a key factor when incorporating new or subcontracted personnel on projects. CoRe’s ability to manage worker certifications, coupled with real-time jobsite views, allow project management personnel to ensure certifications match the minimum required skills to perform a work activity.  The green hard hat rule, in which new or temp workers are labeled with green hats, can be emulated electronically with safety provisions that work in the background to keep new personnel safe.  

Worker safety extends to machinery and tool usage. Safe operation of equipment and tools requires training to protect the employee and the machine or tool. CoRe can notify a supervisor or safety manager when unauthorized personnel attempt to use equipment or tools they are not certified to operate.   

CoRe also allows you to separate your jobsite into zones and set parameters accordingly using geofencing. Each zone can be equipped with its own safety rules relative to employee access and based on qualifications. If an employee without authorization enters a restricted zone managers are alerted to rectify the issue. 

Both labor classifications, temporary and subcontractor, present additional challenges, including timekeeping, site security and productivity. The CoRe IoT platform facilitates project teams in seamlessly incorporating new or subcontracted workers into production and execution plans.  

CoRe also provides the data to resolve payment discrepancies with subcontractors. Using CoRe’s wearable Personal Safety Device (PSD), personnel can clock time in and out automatically, simply by sliding their site badge in and out of the PSD.  Those data points can be seen by authorized users from anywhere in the world. Utilizing the PSD’s unique check in and check out functionality, you eliminate human error and prevent discrepancies with hours worked.  

Safety is a key factor when bringing on temporary employees and subcontractors. Temps may have vast experience, but jobs with specialized machinery, labor, or other dangers can require additional training to comply with safety laws. Ensuring proper training also protects your business and workforce from injury-related problems, which can lead to complicated litigation processes. With CoRe’s individualized worker profiles and real-time views of job sites, managers see who is working what jobs and if they’re a safe match based on their PSD profile.  

CoRe provides management and employees with safety precautions and guardrails needed to prevent injury and address discrepancies which could lead to compliance challenges. On top of that, CoRe also provides management the rich data to make budgets and project planning with more precision and accuracy. Learn more today about how CoRe can benefit your company, projects and crew.  


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