VOS Sustainable Development Goals

VOS Systems LLC (VOS) enables company and industry organizations to manage large projects, by utilizing VOS’s comprehensive IoT-enabled Resource Management Platform (CoRe®), connecting personnel with everything around them. Our AI-enabled platform captures and analyzes data, thereby enhancing safety and privacy, while providing reliable forecasts and management reports used to increase efficiencies, enhance safety, and make the target industries more sustainable.

While our primary goal is enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of the industries and companies using our platform, we are also committed to demonstrating how data can leveraged to make the world a better, more fair, equitable and sustainable place. We strongly believe our primary goal is entirely aligned with this mission.

We are dedicated to making our business a positive force for our customers and their workforce, our employees, our communities, and our environment. The following is a summary of how our corporate goals and strategies align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG Goal #3: Good Health & Well-Being

Goal #3 ensures healthy lives and promotes well-being for all at any age. About 150 million people worldwide are part of the construction workforce (a subsegment of our target market), about 5% of the total labor force. Some 7.5 million are engaged in construction within the U.S. alone. The range of our in-house developed IoT wearables, referred to as PSDs (Personal Safety Devices), is designed to increase safety and protect the health of employees with job site monitoring and immediate alerts in cases of falls, extended working hours, working in overly hot weather conditions, and several other emergency situations.

On top of physical safety, blue-collar workers’ welfare and mental health are key focuses of our Connected Resources (CoRe®) platform, and many of our current projects contain these themes. Enabling this unprecedented collection of field data, in a private and nonintrusive way, is generating a wealth of insights about improving working conditions, reducing redundancies and creating a more rewarding working environment.

SDG Goal #6: Clean Water & Sanitation

Goal # 6 ensures availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. The construction and chemical industries alone use water in massive amounts, for concrete batching, grouting, dust suppression, soak-away testing, pond filling, hydro-demolition, drilling and piling. Mismanagement of large-scale projects not only cost the companies money, but they misuse this valuable resource thereby increasing their environmental impact. Our CoRe® Connected Resources platform enables efficiency and helps contractors complete their projects on time, minimizing the environmental impact of extending project schedules, and reducing the use of resources.

SDG Goal #8: Decent Work & Economic Growth

Goal #8 promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all. With some 150 million people worldwide engaged in construction, efficiency and safety are key factors. The CoRe® Connected Resources platform enables transparency to how employees (and specifically blue-collar workers) are managed. Our data analytics platform is designed to identify good performers and skill gaps, providing employers the chance to invest in rewarding employees, or training them further, based on data. The platform also allows transparency in the number of actual hours worked versus compensated, a problem observed in many developing countries. The bottom line is that we created a platform which promotes transparency through reliable and accurate data. We believe that through better efficiency in management of projects, there is more opportunity for companies to provide the economic security that employees deserve.

SDG Goal #9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Goal # 9 builds resilient infrastructure, promotes inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and fosters innovation. Our CoRe® Connected Resources platform is most useful in large-scale projects across the construction industry, the chemical industry, and in building ports, airports and roadways. CoRe®improves time and cost estimation, utilizing resource-analytic solutions based on past results and recent performance trends. Inaccurate time and cost estimates are the leading causes of budget and schedule overruns in the construction industry. CoRe®optimizes resource allocation, thereby boosting efficiency, resulting in more infrastructure and community projects being completed at lower cost, and with lower environmental impact.

SDG Goal #12: Responsible Consumption & Production

Goal #12 ensures sustainable consumption and production patterns. Sustainable production requires efficiency in the process, so as not to waste precious resources. The CoRe® Connected Resources platform drives efficiency in resource utilization, minimizing negative environmental impact.

SDG Goal #13: Take Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change & Its Impacts

Goal #13 is critical to our world. According to research conducted by the California Department of Transportation, gaseous and particle emissions from construction engines are an important fraction of total air pollutants, including CO2. VOS is committed to helping partner companies reduce emissions by utilizing the CoRe® platform to help them understand and evaluate their heavy machinery fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This provides our client partner companies with real-world capacity for climate change mitigation at a significant level.

VOS Systems' Commitment to Giving Back

The founders of VOS Systems LLC include co-founders, and major financial supporters, of Sustainable Cambodia (www.SustainableCambodia.org), an organization that works with the families of rural Cambodian villages to help them achieve sustainability and self-sufficiency, through wells, irrigation systems, schools, agriculture, skills and income generation. The opposite of an “aid” organization, Sustainable Cambodia is an empowerment organization. Each village uses a “pass-it-on” element of community service, so the village families not only help themselves, but help neighboring villages. The result is sustainability within the villages, and replication of the model as village families volunteer to help surrounding villages. The organization employs only native Cambodians as paid staff. All international officers, directors and consultants are volunteers who are unpaid. Sustainable Cambodia’s unique empowerment model has helped tens of thousands of Cambodian men, women and children to rebuild their lives.

VOS Systems also matches our employee donations through the VOS Matching Gifts Program, which encourages employee donations to non-profits in the community and around the world.