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Five Benefits of U. S. Manufacturing

8/4/2022Ever question where your phone comes from? Or the journey taken by a kitchen appliance you use daily? You may not spend time too much time on this topic, but when supplies are limited due to interruptions like international conflict, global emergencies, or loss of natural resources, where you get your products has a huge impact. That’s why CoRe Connected Resources, a management platform from VOS Systems, is proud to say that all our products are designed and manufactured here in the United States and there are many benefits to that fact. 

Supply Chain Disruption

Supply chain disruption can have serious economical and daily effects. Disruptions create higher prices and shortages among high-end consumer products, such as cars. They also affect more-basic commodities such as generic drugs or energy, increasing the cost of living and the provision of basic needs.¹ When waiting for even the smallest part of a product to arrive, an entire company can be put on hold, and that includes their workforce. At VOS Systems our products have been evolving and expanding throughout many supply chain disruptions, from the recent COVID-19 pandemic to international conflicts such as the war in Ukraine.

Job Creation

Another benefit of domestic manufacturing is the creation of more jobs for our country’s citizens. New jobs created in domestic manufacturing typically do not require higher education, like 4-year degrees, meaning a larger job pool for all. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, industries that specialize in producing goods paid an average salary of $56,799 per year—more than $10,000 above other popular working-class sectors such as healthcare or teaching.² By investing in domestic manufacturing, companies can feel good knowing they are providing for their local community and country as a whole.

Investing In Local Economy

As domestic manufacturing grows one trickle-down effect is a more stimulated economy, both state and nationwide. More employment leads to economic growth and this growth increases a country’s gross domestic product (GDP), the total value of all goods and services provided by a country’s economy. A thriving economy, complete with increased job opportunities, also contributes to lower unemployment rates and lower poverty levels. With these benefits it’s clear that domestic manufacturing, while being convenient for supply chains, is also beneficial for a country’s overall wellbeing both on a personal and economic level.

Earth Friendly

Not only do the U.S. and its citizens benefit from domestic manufacturing, the Earth in which we live does too. Domestic manufacturing means less reliance on imported goods, which in turn lowers the fuel emissions and energy required to make and ship goods, and thus a lower overall carbon footprint. Offshoring’s impact on the world environment has been significant through higher carbon emissions and other pollution from developing countries and long-distance transport. Companies increase pollution by offshoring production to developing, less regulated countries and then importing those products back into the U.S.³

Consumer Comfort

An additional benefit of U.S. manufacturing is a sense of patriotism and comfort found in consuming domestic-made goods and services. Utilizing domestic manufacturing is investing in the local and national economy, which many citizens consider important. In fact, research shows 67 cents of every dollar spent at a local business stays in the local economy.4 Consumers are also provided a sense of transparency, as they can pinpoint where a product was made within their country and may have better access to the guidelines to which a product was made.

As the world continues to evolve through many challenges, from climate to manmade, manufacturing will play a central role in how the United States is affected by these issues. When shopping for IoT solutions, CoRe is happy to say we have managed to stay open and help our clients through many obstacles the world faces today, thanks to our commitment to create innovative products right here in the United States. Contact us today to learn more!

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