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Wearable IoT and Privacy Protection

10/6/2022—With the evolution of the Internet of Things devices (IoT), products enabled with everything from sensors to location tracking, major advancements have been made in how businesses are run. The IoT market is predicted to top $1.3 trillion by 2026, a huge growth from the $761.4 billion seen in 2020.1 As more businesses adopt IoT, utilizing the technology to do everything from monitoring employee productivity to streamlining data collection and creating business forecasts, privacy is a valid concern. With Connected Resources® is the world’s most comprehensive IoT-enabled resource management platform, streamlining business practices while protecting privacy.

Mobile apps are a component of IoT devices and are downloaded to someone’s cellphone for analytic purposes, including contact tracing, onsite location tracking, employee clock in or out time and more. Requiring the use of an employee’s personal cellphone can not only endanger their personal data, but also be discriminatory if an employee does not have a cellphone. VOS Systems custom designed privacy-centric IoT devices to be distributed to employees, protecting their right to personal privacy and ensuring everyone in your workforce is utilizing the same software.

CoRe Personal Safety Device (PSD) badges are worn by your workforce to enhance safety, monitor productivity, record work hours, and track training and safety records. The PSD can simplify payroll, enhance safety with features like SOS-button alerts and emergency evacuation management, create a more accurate real-time view of budgets and worksites, create more accurate estimates, and much more. While the many capabilities of CoRe PSDs are vast, privacy is central to the entire platform.

All data collected with CoRe can be anonymized and encrypted end-to-end to ensure employee identities and information are accessible only to designated admins. Employee information collected with CoRe PSDs is only recorded during time spent at the worksite, within a designated Geofence that stops tracking when employees leave. For added assuredness, employees can turn off their PSD badges at the end of their shift.

Tracking is also customizable, such as if your worksite changes due to travel. For example, lone workers whose worksite includes traveling to multiple areas can be tracked to ensure safety. Should an emergency occur, they can quickly notify admins of their location.

In accordance with our privacy policy, VOS Systems and CoRe Connected Resources are designed to protect all personally identifiable information of any company or individual using our products. No personal identifying information is stored on smart badges or is transmitted by or stored in our systems, other than personal information a company chooses to include. PSDs do not store or transmit any information that can identify an employee’s age, gender, location (except for on jobsite tracking), language preference, expertise (except for information in a PSD badge’s training and safety profile), date of birth, or internet and social media contact information.

The only information used by CoRe is that which is provided by you for the purposes detailed above, with regards to PSD badge usage. That information is sent to our servers and is non-identifiable, only admins of your CoRe dashboard can use the information and smart badge designations to identify workers. VOSIQ also has a “do not sell policy”, assuring customers that we will not profit off of, trade or share user-provided information, including names, phone numbers, emails or physical addresses, with non-VOS third parties. Nor will we send mail on behalf of other unrelated organizations. This policy applies to all information received by VOS and CoRe products, both online and offline, as well as any electronic, written or oral communication.

Improving safety and workplace productivity cannot be at the expense of personal privacy. At VOS Systems, we’ve invested time and money to deliver a solution that is cellphone independent and backed by software architecture that guarantees privacy.   

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